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Pc Controllers


See below for a diagram to make your FS-GT2B, FS-GT3C or similar transmitter work with VRC PRO!!! Some transmitters come with only a mini USB port (but claim to have a 3.5mm DSC port: PPM).

This USB port seems to only charge the radio but you can make an adapter so you can use the signal from the mini USB port to control a simulator on your PC and also charge the battery.  

What you will have to do in the simulator is go into the "Controller Settings" and select the correct device. Once you have found the right Com number or game device, you might have to reverse some or all channels to get the simulator to fly correctly. To do that you will have to go back into "controller settings" then "properties" and select the reverse buttons until the model works right.

Here is info if you only have a gamepad and want to fly and rc sim on your computer. For example I have a Logitech Dual Action Game Pad and it works great for All or most free and downloadable sims. 

You might need PPJOY to setup certain controllers. It's a free downloadable software to configure joysticks, gamepads and keyboards to games and simulators.

If you have a transmitter already with trainer jack in the back then you will want to buy a USB link Cable that matches your trainer jack. 

XTR Reflex Simulator Cable. $7.20 with adapters works with futaba and more..

RC car simulator USB Link devices cost from around $10.00 to $20.00.

Rc car racing simulator!!
VRC racing simulator now available on STEAM!      Also available at official site:  VRC Pro Rc car racing simulator.
Visit Steams website and join to get steam version of Aerofly Rc (rc airplane simulator) and VRC Pro (rc car simulator).

RC Airplane Simulator Controller:
Here is some more help if you dont have a transmitter only a gamepad.

What you will need depends on what you already have, you can use any one of these setups to operate most simulators:

USB PC Game Pad                USB Xbox Controller

        USB Link included with some programmable transmitters (might require special software)

        USB Link for a 2.4Ghz or FM 4+ Channel Transmitter

        USB RC Simulator Controller

Most controllers with trainer jacks can work with a link. Some transmitter's that are programmable by PC via USB, won't work on a simulator without a special download to enable a simulator to pick up the signal. 


Here is some help if you have a transmitter such as the FS-Gt2b or FS-Gt3c. Which only have a mini usb port, they come with the mini USB to USB cable but it will only charge the battery, UNLESS YOU MAKE THIS DIY CABLE! Follow the diagrams below to help as a guide. This new cable will be detected by a computer as a PPM signal and working game controller. This will work for simulators and games. I use this cable for VRC PRO.


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